Title: Troublesome Neighbors Making More Trouble

Date occurred: Very Early on May 10, 1993

Date written: May 10, 1993

Date edited and prepared for the web: May 6, 2003

Written by: Joel T. Kant

Copyright (c) 2003 by Joel T. Kant


At around four am, I woke to the sound of a shouted argument. It came from the same apartment that I had seen the police at twice before. All I had heard this time was two guys swearing loudly at each other. I didn't hear any threats like the other times. After I had been woken up by the swearing, they then shut up, so I went back to sleep. Like the last time on Feburary 3, 1993, when there was a disturbance in that apartment, I had an important exam in the morning.

I hope I did well on the exam despite this disturbance.

Around five this evening, I saw another neighbor in a different apartment. His name is Alan. He lives across the hall also, two apartments down from the one that keeps having the police show up. I knew from previous times that he could hear what had happened with the troublesome neighbors better than I could. So, I asked if he had heard the commotion last night. Alan replied that not only had he had heard it, but one of the guys from that apartment had come down to his apartment and called 911! Alan added that the guy bled on his phone while making the call. The blood had come from the guy's nose. The guy had told Alan that he had been punched during an argument over a ten-dollar debt.

I would gladly give whoever is in that apartment ten dollars or even twenty if they would move out of this building! Being rudely woken around four am the day I had an important exam in graduate school is no joking matter.


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