Sacrifices for a Worthy Cause

A Novel in Nineteen Chapters

Written by: Joel T. Kant
Copyright: (c) March 2, 2019

Splash Page:

Gordon declared, "There is no bomb! You Falkowskys always exaggerate everything to get media attention. I noticed a long-haired man in a leather coat who was probably stealing your car radio."

Gordon finally released Fritz's legs. Fritz was still on the ground from being tackled. Gordon strode toward the van.

Still getting up, Fritz yelled, "Get back, Gordon!"

Gordon snidely said, "I'll see if your SUV still has its radio."

Gordon grabbed the SUV's door and opened it. A sound like thunder roared. Gordon flew back and hit another parked car so hard the window of it shattered.


Chapter One--A Second Car Bomb Within Three Years
Chapter Two--John's Realization
Chapter Three--Conspiring in a Motel Room
Chapter Four--A Missed Phone Call
Chapter Five--Reunion
Chapter Six--Won't You Let Me In?
Chapter Seven--Nerve Gas
Chapter Eight--Planning a Deception
Chapter Nine--Unexpected News
Chapter Ten--Fire
Chapter Eleven--The Prey Escapes
Chapter Twelve--Car Thieves
Chapter Thirteen--Warrant for Christine's Arrest
Chapter Fourteen--A New Gordon Fink
Chapter Fifteen--The Poison Gas Device
Chapter Sixteen--Dupes
Chapter Seventeen--Home Sweet Home
Chapter Eighteen--No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Chapter Nineteen--The Morrow Farm


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